The Exercise Evolution- Learn to work SMARTER not always harder. Using bio-feedback, Vitness
Rx measures your HRV to determine your perfect workout. Not many people know that you can measure
your bodies’ vitality and readiness to train by assessing a little known bio-marker called HRV, which stands
for Heart Rate Variability. With sophisticated HRV technology Vitness Rx will let you know when can GO
HARD, when it’s best to BE MODERATE, and when to REST. Easy to use, just take a quick reading first
thing in the morning and the app will give you your ideal daily fitness prescription.

The Three Exercise Prescriptions:


recommended when your vitality is high and your
system is fully recovered


 recommended when your vitality is average and your system is only somewhat recovered


recommended when your vitality is low and your system is not recovered

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Daily Vitality Assessments that track HRV


Fully Integrated Heart Rate Monitor (Bluetooth enabled)


Daily Surveys tracking sleep, diet, mood, & training load


Chart that tracks progress over time


Fitness Prescription with customized Target Heart Rate Zones


Log that allows you to see your all your data at a glance


Vitness Rx is different from any other fitness approach because, for once, it is based on listening to YOUR body, and not telling your body what your mind thinks it should be feeling that day. Instead of over training or under training, you finally listen to the best fitness coach there is – YOUR OWN BODY. Tyler Massey

President, Mass Media International

What I like the most about Vitness Rx is its results over time. I’ve been able to track my progress day to day and know for sure I am doing the right thing for my body each day. Plus, I am able to see how using HRV over time is leading my body on an upward trend towards greater all-over well-being as my averages rise. Jennifer Laratonda