Jessica Corbin

Founder of Vitness Rx

“We teach best what we most need to learn.” ~ Richard Bach

Vitness Rx began not as an idea, but in fact, as a deeply entrenched bad habit. You see, I have a history of chronic burnout. Whether it was my athletic career or profession as a TV host & producer, the one quality that eluded me was balance. I was a play hard, work harder, workout hardest kind of girl that did not see the inherent value of rest and recovery. That is, until I came down with a debilitating case of adrenal fatigue, along with of host of other issues brought on by chronic stress.

In effort to treat my fatigue, I would go to an acupuncturist that would assess my pulse and then give me needles and herbs to help restore the harmony in my body & mind. The acupuncturist knew I was an avid fitness fanatic so he would also tell me how I should be working out from week to week in order to keep my body in balance. Sometimes he would say, “your pulse is wiry, do yin yoga.” Other times, he would say, “your chi is strong, you can run tomorrow.”

I found this FASCINATING. What was the acupuncturist assessing in my pulse, and how might I be able to do this for myself???

A seed was planted, and a vision was born.

One thing that I knew about exercise is that we can reduce the chance of most major diseases and disorders by over 60% when performed at the “correct intensity”. But exercise is also a form of stress, and stress causes over 75% of all diseases. This apparent paradox led me to asking the question, how do we know what is the “correct intensity”?

As I began to research, I found that the acupuncturist was spot on, both from an eastern and western perspective. The critical component that tells us how hard we should be working out is hidden in the nuances of our pulse. From a western perspective, this bio-marker is called heart rate variability (HRV) and it provides a window into an individual’s nervous system and tells them how vital they are on any given day. The more stressed you are, the lower your HRV, the more rest you need. The more energized you are, the higher your HRV, the harder you can push. Yahtzee!

With that knowledge I found a brilliant developer and designer to help me integrate my vision into the most accessible consumer electronic on the planet… a smartphone. I loaded this app up with a sophisticated vitality assessment tool that leverages the power of HRV, a heart rate monitor, health & fitness content and a series of other bells and whistles that will surprise and delight you along the way. It is like having a personal trainer in your pocket whose sole purpose is to get you feeling strong, energized and full of life. So, from my head into your hands, I truly hope you enjoy and benefit from this vitality based fitness approach, Vitness Rx.

In Gratitude~