This is what it means to GO HARD



This is what it means to BE MODERATE



This is what it means to REST



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Vitness Rx Starter Kit

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Get Stronger, Faster, Leaner

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Become Leaner,
Stronger & Faster


Take the guesswork out of your workouts!!!


Perfect for the person that wants to take their health and

fitness to the next level. Using scientifically validated HRV technology, Vitness Rx will give you your daily

Vitality Score and corresponding fitness prescription to decrease stress and maximize performance.

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Lose Weight

Lose Weight

  • 100%

Avoid Burnout

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Tone Up

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Reduce Stress

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Maximize Performance

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Increase Immunity

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I think Vitness Rx is on the cutting edge of fitness and technology because  it allows the consumer to personalize their daily activities to optimize not only their fitness, but their energy, sleep, and stress levels using heart rate variability (HRV).  Gone are the days of a cookie cutter approach to fitness and nutrition, individual customization is key and Vitness Rx delivers!  

Dr. Kaisa Lopes

Integrated Medicine Specialist, Phytologymedica

Vitness Rx is different from any other fitness approach I have ever tried because it helped me to finally and truly understand what my body’s fitness needs are each day and how to fulfill them within my hectic schedule. I’ve never been more motivated or successful with any other program.

Heather Marenda-Miller

Speech Language Pathologist, Social Scouts

Vitness Rx literally combines science with a holistic approach to fitness. It’s the most unique device I have ever used and helped to fine tuned my weight-loss goals. I couldn’t believe how overworked and overstressed my body was – and Vitness helped me to dial everything back a notch! I feel energized and inspired.

Kristi Sanders

CEO, The Glow Life

What I like the most about Vitness Rx is that with Vitness Rx, there’ll be no more two hour treadmill slogs when I’m just not feeling it.  My workouts are drastically more effective and get done in far less time than I ever imagined possible!

John Francis


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